Our Services

Visit our Bristol based dental lab or use our convenient and fast postal service for any combination of these four services: 

  1. Emergency denture repairs.
  2. A perfect copy of your existing denture. 
  3. Professional denture cleaning.
  4. Permanent denture labelling. 

Many people come to us for an emergency denture repair and then decide to have a denture copy so they have a future back-up. 

1. Emergency denture repairs

Come along for a fast friendly service (waiting time approximately 30 minutes) or use our postal service (we will return your denture the same day it is received).

  • Repairs are finished to a high standard. No lumps or roughness to cause tongue irritations.
  • When strengthened they are usually stronger than before you broke them.
  • Charges are reasonable, my business has been built on personal recommendations since 1968. 

2. A perfect copy of your existing denture

Now there is no need to go without your denture ever again!

We can produce a perfect copy of your full or partial denture. The copy will be stronger than the original and comes with a 2 year guarantee at a very competitive price.

Denture wearers can now have a duplicate set for safety at a cost that’s affordable. Imagine your're on holiday, especially abroad and you break or lose a denture and you have no other set to wear. Holidays, parties, wherever you are you can now carry a spare set in case of emergencies.

Denture plastics become brittle after many years of use. Our Copy Dentures will be stronger than when your dentures were new.

Existing denture wearers whose dentures have been discoloured, we can copy the existing denture but adjust the shade of teeth lighter or darker and remove blemishes and tarnishing.

Our copy dentures also give peace of mind and are essential to:

  • People who have broken their dentures and want a replacement set quickly. 
  • People who sadly have dementia and who quite often lose their original. 
  • People who are in hospital or nursing homes who can get their dentures lost or mixed up. We can make a copy and insert their name into the plastic. 

To have a copy made we require your existing set for just one hour - you can usually collect your copy denture in a few days. Most dentures are suitable for copying. 

Please phone us for an appointment or use our postal service. 

3. Professional denture cleaning

We understand how embarrassing it is to have stained or discoloured dentures, besides the cosmetic appearance it can also affect your oral health for example: plaque and tartar can build up on the denture trapping bacteria and causing irritation to the gums, tongue and mouth leading to increased risk of serious illness.

We can now clean those difficult to remove stains and plaque and tartar from your dentures by following this process:

Step 1: We ultrasonically clean them with a special denture cleaning solution and a tiny dental probe for the very stubborn tartar.

Step 2: They are polished with a fine grade dental pumice.

This process normally takes one hour when you visit our dental lab or, if you prefer, we also offer a return postal service. 

4. Permanent denture labelling

Don't lose your dentures! Patients who are going into hospital or who have relating in care. 

We can insert your name into your denture and cover it with clear plastic so it is there for the life of the denture (it will never rub off) and is easy to read.

“as a temporary technique, patient details may be written on the surface of a processed denture using a ‘permanent’ marker pen. However, surface marking is vulnerable to accidental or deliberate removal. Indeed, to cope with long-term usage of a prosthesis combined with the adverse cleaning habits employed by many denture wearers, the application of a 0.5 mm acrylic resin coverage is recommended over a surface marker.’ British Dental Journal

Marking dentures with your name is important if you are hospitalised or in a nursing / residential home where dentures are often mixed up with other dentures. It is also useful for people suffering with Alzheimer’s / dementia or identifying owners in case of an accident.