About us

For over 50 years I have provided a quality and cost effect denture service.

My name is Andrew Mulcahy, after a 5 year apprenticeship with a private dental laboratory, including evening training at the Bristol Dental Hospital, I opened my own Denture Repair Centre in Brislington on 2nd January 1968.

The first month was a disaster with just four repairs but gradually things improved and by working long hours, seven days a week, I have repaired circa 100,000 dentures.

Broken dentures cause inconvenience and embarrassment. Whenever this happens, I am here to help with all types of denture repairs, fractures, cracks, worn or chipped teeth replaced and also dentures cleaned.

In May 1996, after an intense training course by 'Twice UK' I started one of the first Copy Denture laboratories in the UK. Since then I have copied over 4000 dentures.

Fully Qualified

I am registered with the General Dental Council: Registration Number 132955. The General Dental Council is the organisation which regulates dental professionals in the United Kingdom.  They do this by:

  • Registering qualified professionals.
  • Setting standards of practice and conduct.
  • Assuring the quality of dental education.
  • Ensuring professionals keep up to date.

Andrew Mulcahy


Many of our customers come to us by recommendation and we are proud of our personal, professional and friendly approach to denture repair and spare copy service. You can check out our 5 star reviews on google and below are just a few extracts from letters and e-mails received:

Just to say a big thank you, my wife is so pleased with her denture copy and was extremely surprised when she got them both back on Friday after only sending on Wednesday she thought she would have to wait for the copy so thank you once again brilliant service, the copy is a perfect fit.

Michael Campbell - Hertfordshire

I just wanted to tell you I am very happy with my denture repair, thank you for the reinforcement. I wanted to also say I was amazed to find the new partial denture was in with my repaired denture. The new one was far superior to my original. Thank you very much for the fast turnaround.
James Armitage - Lincolnshire
I would like to say a big thank you for repairing my denture which was in two pieces. You made this visit so easy and you were so friendly. I would definitely use your service again."

Linda Summerill, Bristol

Just to let you know my dentures have arrived safely I posted them Monday and the repaired set and new set arrived Wednesday I cant believe how fast you were and how good the copy is. I paid a private dentist £1200 for my dentures and you have made a perfect copy and repair for £180. I will be shouting your praises for a very long time thank you a million times."

Nancy Swain, Chesterfield

 I am stunned by the amazing service you provide.I posted my denture to you on Monday just after 9 A.M. On Wednesday, by 9 A.M., I received a box containing my repaired denture, with a strengthener fitted, a more satisfactory repair than anyone has done previously. Not only, but also, the box contained a copy of my denture, I didn't have to wait a further three days for that. I am amazed to have had one denture repair and a copy made, all for £99 including fast postage back to me. The alternative would have been to pay out for a new set of dentures at something like £1,500, as our area doesn't seem to have anyone doing NHS dentures at £249. On top of this, the denture is guaranteed for five years. Thank you so much for this."

Colin Wantling - Welwyn Garden City

Good morning Andrew. Just a note to thank you for the excellent copy denture I received on Saturday morning, as promised and which is a perfect fit. Also, it was so good of you to repair the small crack in the plate I sent to be copied free of charge, especially as I did not even know there was a crack in it. I have a friend who also wants a copy denture made, and a quote for that from her dentist was nearly £200, so of course you will be receiving that in the post very soon. Once again thank you for excellent service and although I hope of course that I don’t need to send it back for a repair, good to know that it would be free of charge should that be needed.

Mrs M J Burke - Eastbourne

 I was so desperate and found your while you wait service on the net. It has done everything you said on the tin and more. Excellent and speedy service.

Clive Parsons - Clevedon

Just a quick E.mail to say WOW I am so impressed with the service I received. My top set of dentures broke Sunday morning I was in 2 minds if I should go to my local dentist or get the denture repair kit off the internet well I stumbled on A.D.R.C (Avon Denture Repair Centre) website I thought why not. I was curious what to expect but for £35 its worth a punt, I just got them back less than 48hrs and they feel much better, stronger and I'm really really impressed, not only will I use this service again I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone else. Thank you.

Mr J Webster - Powys